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Our Clients

Be Part of Creating a New Narrative for Supplier Development in S.A.



We View Supplier Development Differently

We don’t look at supplier development like other players in the market. We are not focused on the number of suppliers but rather on the quality.

We work exclusively with sophisticated suppliers that we know we can get results with. We focus on entrepreneurs that have the potential to build scalable businesses that will impact the South African economy and, at the same time, impact your organisation positively.

We have strict selection criteria for the businesses we work with – these include:

Revenues of between R20 and R200 million
In business for at least five years
Employs between 20-200 people
Genuinely wants to scale
Investment in supplier development can be used as an opportunity to develop the demand chain and significantly improve your supply chain. The focus on supplier development supports the idea that your investment can improve your own organisational performance by improving the service levels, the resilience, and the alignment of your suppliers.