About Grow IMPACT

“We need to work together to energise and expand the frontiers of black-owned businesses.”

Keegan Moodley, GROW IMPACT Founder

As a catalyst for transformation and change, GROW IMPACT is revitalising value in South Africa’s economy by ensuring the profitability, endurance and independence of black-owned businesses and celebrating black business excellence.

GROW IMPACT has grown in footprint, service breadth, diversity, and experience with its design and implementation of sophisticated supplier development solutions to help your organisation make the supplier development component of the B-BBEE scorecard work.

Our Vision

GROW IMPACT’s vision is to create a new narrative for supplier development in S.A. where profitable, independent and enduring black-owned businesses are the norm, not the exception.

The writing is on the wall:

Supplier Development in its Current Form Cannot Continue, and the Time for Change is Now!

Our Story

Corporates that spend billions annually on ESD, and the suppliers who are supposed to gain from it are all aware that supplier development in its current form is largely ineffective.

Most supplier development initiatives do not meet suppliers where they are; they do not recognise them as entrepreneurs or individuals or consider their unique circumstances. They disregard the level of sophistication of the supplier or the business by treating all suppliers identically and making assumptions about their needs.

The result? A stock-standard approach to supplier development that lacks sophistication and depth; and suppliers who “rinse and repeat” their way through program after program in the hopes of finding something different, of finding someone who will stop to ask what they actually need and want to achieve and partner with them to truly “turn the dial” in their business.

Embracing Our Role as Active Citizens

As the pandemic struck, Keegan witnessed the closure of numerous black-owned companies. In his judgement, these businesses could have weathered the storm if they had received adequate support in the preceding years.

Keegan was dissatisfied with his own experience of participating in supplier development programs for his businesses and deeply concerned when his research of the market showed little had changed over the years. He inherently knew that there had to be a different and more substantial method to support these suppliers.

Keegan believes he has a responsibility to his country and fellow entrepreneurs to do better, to be a decisive corporate citizen and be the change he desires to see.

And so, GROW IMPACT was born.

Keegan Moodley, founder of GROW IMPACT, has 'put his hand up' and accepted the challenge to ignite change and create a new landscape for supplier development, leveraging his vast experience and skills across the business spectrum, having worked with multinationals, corporations, established mid-size enterprises and start-ups.

“At GROW IMPACT, we believe that transformation is a moral imperative. We acknowledge that a hard-hitting growth strategy is required to realise the country's full economic potential and know that assisting the black majority's integration into the economic mainstream is key to this. Our goal is to make a radical impact where it matters most.”

Driven by Values and Principles

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of our business and shared across the GROW Group. They’re not just words on a wall, they form the foundation of our approach and interactions with each other and our partners.

Our Guiding Principles

Beyond our Group values, GROW IMPACT lives by a set of guiding principles which underpin everything we do.

Stay driven by purpose
We weigh every decision and action in light of our purpose
Nurture your curiosity
We stay courageously curious and value lifelong learning
Exercise divergent thinking
We always explore different perspectives to find new ways to solve problems
Embrace collaboration

We work together and leverage our collective genius

Our Team

Our exceptional, responsive team of changemakers believe in supplier diversity and transformation in South Africa. For us it’s not just lip service, it’s something we fundamentally believe in – it’s carved in our DNA at an instinctive level.

Keegan Moodley PP
Keegan Moodley
“I believe inspiration breeds success and inspired leaders win.”
Heather Nogqala

“Unwavering & relentless pursuit of oneself is the cornerstone of all excellence.”

Coaching Team

GROW IMPACT Empowerment Trust

The GROW IMPACT Empowerment Trust aims to advance and promote the spirit of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE).

The Trust’s sole objective is to contribute to the empowerment and upliftment of its beneficiaries: black female entrepreneurs, organisations supporting female entrepreneurs and businesses with greater than 51% female ownership.

Board of Trustees
GROW IMPACT - Empowerment Trust

Ignite Economic Growth and Realise Meaningful Supply Chain Resilience