We Build Deeper Supplier Relationships

We mobilise and galvanise corporates whose calling is to drive the pursuit of inclusive growth.

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Supplier Development Through a New Lens

Proud to be B-BBEE Level 2 with 30% black-women ownership, GROW IMPACT understands that growing and scaling a business is difficult – it’s multifaceted, deep, and personal and cannot be done with a standard approach.

Our approach is based on GROW’s proprietary intellectual property, which focuses on established/sophisticated businesses.

Suppliers have access to Catalyzer, our web platform, where they can track their strategic thinking, execution scoreboards and financial metrics; our learning platform, TalentLMS, which is steeped in carefully curated online business courses to enhance learning and a growing library of case studies of South African businesses we have worked with.

The supplier’s time with their coach is not focused on training, but rather on the specific application of the learning to their business.

Tackling Barriers and Difficulties Faced by suppliers

Current ESD programs are training-based, non-specific and rigid. This has resulted in SMMEs within corporate supply chains being ill-equipped to scale, creating a key customer concentration risk for the entity.

We understand the challenges faced by suppliers and know that to establish sustainable enterprises that promote job creation and meaningful economic participation, a structured approach with targeted assistance is needed.

We embrace the vision of a South Africa that is economically inclusive and aim to deliver measurable results through high levels of transparency and accountability.

Our distinctive methodology links:
Business strategy and supplier development
Commercial leadership and good corporate citizenship
Investment and socio-economic effect
B-BBEE points and bottom-line performance

We come from a background of business coaching with depth and substance — leveraging GROW’s exclusive GROWth Formula and online platform, which have been developed over 13 years. We’re backed by GROW’s track record of scaling hundreds of businesses and their growing, digital library of case studies and testimonials!

The Amplify Program

The GROW IMPACT Amplify Programme, based on GROW Business Coaching’s GROWth Formula, is an advanced, industry-leading programme aimed at addressing the specific needs of sophisticated businesses in supplier development. The three-year Program has been designed to consistently deliver results and help entrepreneurs build world-class businesses through a bespoke and tailored approach to strategic growth.

The Program also focuses on improving profitability and cash flow expanding the suppliers’ client base to mitigate client concentration risk. This is done by helping the suppliers and their teams develop the strategies, execution capabilities, systems and processes they need to unlock potential while managing the increasing internal complexity that comes along with growth.

Do You Want to Turn Your High-Growth Potential Beneficiaries

Into Businesses That Drive Economic Growth?

We actively reduce the supplier’s concentration risk by working with them

to broaden their customer base and reduce their reliance on you

Measuring what matters

We measure what matters most – we don’t produce massive reports with meaningless stats. Instead, we keep it simple, relevant, aligned to your KPIs and focused on 3 things: profitability, independence and endurance (the probability of longevity).

Over three years, GROW IMPACT guarantees the independence, profitability and likelihood of endurance of the suppliers we work with by yielding the following results:

Year 1

70% of suppliers will have robust strategic thinking and execution plan

Year 2

70% of suppliers will eliminate loss-making by breaking even or being profitable

Year 3

70% of suppliers will have sustained year-on-year growth; sustained positive net profitability, and will enjoy less than 25% single client concentration risk

Looking to Reduce Your Suppliers’ Concentration Risk and Deliver An ROI on Your BEE Spend?