Nation Building Through Enduring Supplier Development

Challenge the status quo!

That is the founding philosophy of GROW IMPACT.

GROW IMPACT exists to create a new narrative for supplier Development in S.A. where profitable, independent and enduring black-owned businesses are the norm, not the exception.

Following years of focused research and in-depth conversations with those tasked with transforming corporate supply chains, two things became clear – there was a deep-seated concern about supplier dependency and high-levels of frustration with the current offerings in the space not delivering significant results.

With a progressive mindset and the backing of a proven coaching methodology, GROW Impact was born. Driven to relentlessly pursue the independence, profitability and endurance of black businesses in the supplier development space, GROW Impact brings a coaching-led methodology to supplier development with guaranteed results over 3yrs.

“By taking a coaching-led approach to supplier development we guide business owners and their teams to realise their business ambition of profitability and endurance while reducing the concentration risk that hinders many suppliers and in turn, many corporate supply chains.”

Ultimately, we’ll help you turn your company's supplier development spend into a competitive advantage through a resilient supply chain.

Igniting Suppliers to be the Growth Engines

of Our Country

GROW IMPACT guarantees the independence, profitability and likelihood of endurance of the suppliers we work with over three years, yielding the following results:

Year 1

70% of suppliers will have robust strategic thinking and execution plan

Year 2

70% of suppliers will eliminate loss-making by breaking even or being profitable

Year 3

70% of suppliers will have sustained year-on-year growth; sustained positive net profitability, and will enjoy less than 25% single client concentration risk

We don’t come from a supplier development background, we come from a background of business coaching with depth and substance

Combining a scaling business mindset with a deep history and proven track record of successfully scaling South African businesses, GROW Impact brings a coaching-led approach to supplier development.

GROW Impact focuses on sophisticated suppliers who have revenues of R20m and above because that’s where we know we can get results.

Our approach is based on GROW Business Coaching’s unique GROWth Formula IP which has been in use for over 13yrs and is used alongside Catalyzer, an innovative tech-enabled platform that captures strategic thinking, activates strategic execution and visualises empowering financial metrics.

Our methodology is backed by hundreds of businesses successfully scaled and a growing library of documented case studies. Ultimately, we measure what matters most – profitability, independence & endurance and ignite suppliers to be the growth engines of our country.

GROW Impact - Supplier-Development

We are known for our:

Enduring Supplier Development Programs

Game-changing Business Coaching

Exceptional Strategy Formulation

Effective Strategic

Actively Reducing Supplier Concentration Risk

Measurement and Reporting of Meaningful Metrics

Are You Concerned About Supplier Dependency and Frustrated by a Lack of Results from Your Existing Supplier Development Programs?